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nigel wood

updated fri 21 jan 00


mel jacobson on sun 4 may 97

I have been re-reading Nigel Wood the British
potter and researcher. (Pitman) His contribution
to high fire glazes is remarkable. I have used some
of his re-creations of Chinese Glazes (Sung, Ming)
and they are wonderful. His use of Wollastonite is
very key.

If any of you out there that do stoneware and
porcelain ever see this work (or can find it) it is
great reading.

I have passed on some ideas to Dannon Rhudy
and she is testing as we speak. If and when she
is complete, perhaps she will share some of her
research. (this may be over a year away)

I have made a saturated deep blue/green glaze
using a basic limestone feldspar glaze that is taking
on a rather interesting look...(call it dodge truck green)
I will pass that on when testing is complete to anyone
that wants it. (it is going to be one of those expensive glazes..cup of
cobalt ox. to five gallons.)

Just wanted to share that with the group.
Melvin Lee Jacobson. State of Minnesota, U.S.A.
using caps.

mel jacobson on wed 19 jan 00

what a great book he wrote on chinese porcelain and glazes.
a great deal of insight. `oriental glazes`

found that book in black\s, london, just lying there.
it changed my life.

read it.
it will be hard to find.
so, as usual, giving false hope...but, hell, it is better
than no hope.

in the middle of a great snow storm/lovethem. (website)
from minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a.

John Britt on thu 20 jan 00

You can find the Nigel Wood book "Oriental Glazes" at most any library,
especially a university. If they don't have it they will usually get it
throught inter-library loan. Just give them this number--

ISBN: 0-8230-3385-6

They will also search the area you live for libraries that do have it.
It is better than!

John Britt
Dys-Functional Pottery
Dallas, Texas