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no freeze raku burners (gas kiln advice needed)

updated thu 31 jul 97


Howard on fri 18 jul 97

Anthony & the list...
Per your request for more information on how to acquire a "no freeze raku
burner system"... Dip tubes on a "no freeze raku burner system" can be made
to any length, to fit any tank. The one that we send out as standard is
about 18" in length but it can be easily cut down. We can have the system
made with a longer tube. I believe that many propane dealers can fabricate
something to meet your needs. As with my last correspondence of this
subject, I again stress the importance of acquiring parts that are properly
made for this purpose. Do not use this dip tube method with a standard
burner but only with a burner made to intake liquid propane. Either get
the system from Axner, or another reputable pottery supply company (I am
not aware of any others that currently offer this system) or get it from a
knowledgeable propane dealer, or thoroughly research the subject prior to
doing your own fabrication. As I said in my last correspondence, this is
not new technology... it is simply not yet known to most art potters...
Howard Axner

Harvey Sadow on sat 19 jul 97

I have made several posts to the claylist on this subject, and have
described in detail the use of liquid withdrawal systems. I have been
using the same burner (500,000 BTU) for 24 years, and drawing liquid off
the bottom of the tank. Just talk to your local gas supplier about
liquid withdrawal tanks, high pressure hose, liquid burners and
regualtors. My tanks never freeze up, even when I used to fire in
Wisconsin in the dead of winter with a small tank.

Harvey Sadow