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note #3: 1st annual clayarters gallery-naples,

updated sat 30 nov 96


Marie Palluotto To Listserv@Lsv.Uky.Edu on sat 23 nov 96

Hey Clayarters visiting Naples, Maine!!!

Come and visit beautiful Schoodic Lake at Red Door POttery in Brownville,
Maine this
summer. We can do a big raku and bake some beans.

Talbott on tue 26 nov 96


--Application Form--

If you are SERIOUSLY interested in participating in this event
please contact me directly by e-mail with the following information even if
you have already contacted me prior to this note. If you pass this along
to other potters without e-mail capability they would need to send this
information to me via snail mail. I have not yet determined an application
deadline but certainly not later than March 1, 1997. I also would like to
hear from you as soon as possible even if you have not worked out all of
the details for your planned participation in this exhibit. I will
continue to send updates as needed. My mailing address is at the bottom of
this message...

1)Your name, and/or business name (you are not required to be a business to

2)Your mailing, shipping (UPS,RPS,etc), and e-mail address

3)Your day and/or night time phone numbers and the most convenient time to
reach you

4)A brief description of the type of pottery that you would include-- ie.
-- functional, non-functional // cone 10 stoneware, porcelain, etc.// glaze
descriptions: oxidation, reduction fired // forms: vases, bowls, mugs,
globes, etc and....include "approximate" dimensions and weights of larger
items that you may want to include.

5)Photos (prints, slides) and/or brochures, etc. Please mail those items to
me. My address is found below.... note: the photos do not necessarily
have to be of the same items that you may wish to send to the Gallery. If
you have pictures of your work on a web-site then that may be used in lieu
of mailing photos to me. Obviously I will need your web-site address....
The jurying process may become necessary if there are more pieces
of pottery than there is room to display.

6)The number of pieces that you would want to send (perhaps up to five or
more pieces per participant depending on how many ACTUALLY do participate)
and your approximated display shelf space requirements--length, width, and
height requirements needed to display those items which you would like to

7)The estimated selling price of the item or items that you plan on having
entered into the exhibit.

8)If you have a brochure or if you are planning on having a brochure-- what
is the folded size of the brochure when placed on a brochure rack??

10)A list of any comments, concerns, or suggestions that would help me to
make this project succeed...

Basic terms-- The selling price of work will be split 60% for the
artist and 40% for the gallery. The artist pays for insured shipping and
insured return shipping for the item or items which don't sell. Pottery By
Celia and I as its proprietor assume reponsibility for the safe keeping of
the participants' pottery while it is in my possession but not during the
times of shipping.

I am still working out the various particulars of this potential
event as I get suggestions from around town-- I probably will have to
down-size my original proposal--fewer potters with more pieces per potter--
I tend to get carried away (a fault of mine)-- Please let me hear from
you--- Should the show have a central theme??-- and if so what would you
like to see for a theme...??? Would you like to see a grand opening with
an artists' reception??.....


>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Hey Clayarters visiting Naples, Maine!!!
>Come and visit beautiful Schoodic Lake at Red Door POttery in Brownville,
>Maine this
>summer. We can do a big raku and bake some beans.
> Ayup

Marshall Talbott
Pottery By Celia
Route 114
P.O. Box 4116
Naples, Maine 04055-4116
(207)693-6100 voice and fax