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note #3: 1st annual clayarters gallery-naples, me (summmer 1997)

updated sat 30 nov 96


Talbott on fri 22 nov 96

I appreciate all of the positive responses that I have received on
the Clayarters Gallery and I am keeping track of everyone's inquiries--If
you seriously think that this is something of interest to you then please
let me know-- If things go according to plan then I will probably start
receiving pottery from participating Clayarters during the March/April
time-frame. I have to plan my space and shelf requirements so that I can
be at least somewhat prepare for summer..this is new to me and I definitely
do not have all the angles figured out. Space will be limited to about 350
square feet of shelving space and that probably translates to approximately
350 pieces of pottery. If each potter is limited to a maximum of 3 items
that is about 120 participating potters. I do feel that this is plausible
and could have a lot of potential for growth. I know that summer seems far
off but before you know it will be on top of us again.. Please let me know
if you have any advice, suggestions, or comments.

My Regards......Marshall

(more below)

PS--note #2 (in case you overlooked it last night)

Below is a message which I sent to a fellow clayarter inquiring
about the area and so I thought that some of you might be interested as
well--- first the questions and then my response..........

>Where is Naples in relation to any major city? This could be a wonderful
>opportunity and excuse! for clayarters to get together and see each other
>in person! What a huge opening THAT would be! (D'ya think there's
>enough wine in the state of Maine for that event?)

Naples is about 30 miles north and west of Portland, Maine..
Naples is of course a very small town which is located on Route 302.. My
home and studio and gallery are situated on a 10 acre wooded lot and we are
located on Rt. 114 about 2 and 1/2 miles south of Naples Village.. The town
really comes to life during the summer--especially beginning on the 4th of
July weekend--Naples is a tourist town which is surrounded by intense
natural beauty and attractions which includes Sebago Lake and other
numerous surrounding lakes and the not too distant White Mountains and the
Maine Sea Coast as the primary drawing cards--once you see the area then
you will understand why this is such a popular tourist area.. "Typically"
the climate is very desirable around here for those trying to escape the
harsh summer climate of the more southern regions of the country. There is
rhubarb, pear, blueberry, apple, and other wines that all made in Maine and
they are wonderful...And depending on the time you are here you can pick
your own strawberries and blueberries...There are also numerous bed and
breakfast facilities, and numerous camping facilities, including Sebago
Lake State Park, and motel accomodations in the area..which is far better
than staying in a large city such as Portland-(sorry city dwellers)-at
least that is my opinion. And of course there are Maine Lobsters to dine
on.. and beautiful golf courses if you are a golfer.. You are right--there
are a lot of possibilites for an event such as
this..exhibits--workshops--raku firings-- seminars--etc... Looking Ahead--

Best Wishes-- Marshall

Marshall Talbott
Pottery By Celia
Route 114
P.O. Box 4116
Naples, Maine 04055-4116
(207)693-6100 voice and fax