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note 04/09/96 10:43:52

updated tue 30 apr 96


Lisa Takata on tue 9 apr 96

Re: Phoenix sites


I agree with the recommendation to see the Heard Museum, wonderful
Native American ceramics. And close to downtown if you are staying
near the Phoenix Civic Plaza for your husband's convention - city
buses run up Central Avenue every 5 minutes or so.

On the way there (or back), stop at the Phoenix Central Library - no
ceramics here, but the 5th floor reading room is worth a look + offers
interesting views of downtown Phoenix. Walk across the park to the
east and you will find the Phoenix Center for Community Arts right off
of 3rd Street. There are resident artists who teach classes there in
ceramics, alternative photographic processes, painting, and
jewelry/metalwork. Most of the classes are on weeknights but there
are also some ceramics classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday days.
Jeff Schmuki is the ceramics resident artist, you can visit the studio
+ classes in progress. Some of the people who go here have been doing
so for 20 years so you will see a variety of work in progress.

Downtown art spaces are usually open late on the first Friday night of
the month, but I have seen little, if any, ceramics there.

If you have a car, there are many other galleries and places you can
visit - Scottsdale, also the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix may have a
ceramics show scheduled in May, I'm not sure. You might also consider
a day trip outside of Phoenix, others may have better ideas than I
about specific places to visit, but in general you will definitely
enjoy the drive and the scenery along the way.

When you get to town, look at the art listings in the Downtown Phoenix
(monthly) newspaper or the New Times (weekly) for ideas - both
publications are free and available at newsstands downtown.

Lisa T. from Phoenix, where it's 92(!) degrees today