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nyc and ceramics mfa...

updated tue 30 sep 97


Eileen M Streeter on thu 11 sep 97

i am in a bfa program... of course concentrating in ceramics... and we
are going to nyc the later part of october to visit museums and
galleries... as most of the other students are
painters/drawers/photographers... they will probably be going to other
places... any suggestions on where to go to see ceramics besides moma
and the arts/craft museum?? it's a one day trip... so we have about
8 hours to see everything...

also wanted to know about mfa programs... interested mostly in
california... or the west coast... in ceramics... can look these
up.... but they don't describe the facilities... or programs...

thanks for any information....

eileen streeter

Karen Gringhuis on fri 12 sep 97

Eileen - don't know of pots at MOMA but the Metropolitan has
probably the finest collection of oriental ceramics in the
country (?). Also phone the Asian Society & the Japan Society
to see what they have on show currently.

Thought - just because you love pots is no reason not to just throw
yourself into the first rate permanent collection of
paintings at MOMA. It's a thrill to see the real Mccoy up
close. And Van Gogh certainly suggests colors for my work.
Man does not live by pots alone.

Lest you get too frazzled, there's always "the next trip"
which you can give yourself for no particular reason when time
permits - or a special show occurs.
HAVE A GREATTIME what ever you see! Karen Gringhuis

sandra m benscoter on fri 12 sep 97


Metropolitan Museum of Art. 5th Ave. & 82nd St.
Dai Ichi 24 W. 57th
Garth clark 24 W. 57th
Frankllin Parrash 20 W. 57th
Nancy Margolis 560 Broadway
Max Protech 560 Broadway
O.K. Harris 383 W. Broadway
Charles Cowles 420 W. Broadway

Have lot of fun!!! And remember to stop and eat!
Hope this helps you a bit. You might want to call ahead and check days
and times they're open.