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updated tue 8 aug 00


Martin A. Arkowitz on mon 11 aug 97

I was at the sunapee fair in n.h. this past week and spoke to janet moniot of
"Clay Whistles". I told her of the ocarina thread that was on clayart list last
week. she said that she was willing to answer questions about ocarinas, but
she is not on either the clayart list or e-mail. She can be reached at "the
Whisle Press" 128 Pumping Station Road, Petal MS 39465 or by phone/FAX
hope this will be helpful to those folks interested in ocarinas.
Eleanor Arkowitz

Murray & Bacia Edelman on sun 26 sep 99

I delete messages fast even if I have read them and assumed I couldn't
answer the query about information on ocarinas.
However, just last night in straightening up a messy bookcase, I found a
Ceramics Monthly I had tucked away unread. Look for the May l999 issue,
p.64: "A Soulful Sound"
by Janie Rezner. It is very clear and the work looks mighty good.
It is interesting to see how often the term *soul* comes up in our posts, &
anything we read -- from *soul food* to claywork having *soul.*
I am grateful for all the philosophical threads weaving around on Clayart.
It has been a good month!
I hope that whoever asked about ocarinas sees this post.


Martin Howard on mon 7 aug 00

We went to Art in Clay, the 6th National Pottery Ceramics Festival 200 at
Hatfield House, Hatfield, Hertfordshire last Friday. It was absolutely

One person who was thoroughly enjoying himself and entertaining visitors and
exhibitors alike was Terry Riley - Vessel Flute Maker.
The simple write up about him in the 6fold leaflet says:-
"Terry has been making ocarinas and vessel flutes since 1974 and is
dedicated to promoting their use as both educational and professional wind
Telephone 0116 271 9784. Unfortunately no listed E-mail or web site, but I
feel sure he must have one. Does anyone know of it?

Anyone interested in making ocarinas could not find better help. His playing
was delightful.

Martin Howard
Webb's Cottage Pottery
Woolpits Road, Great Saling