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oh s***!! that education thing! what timing!

updated sat 30 nov 96


jackie on tue 19 nov 96

I rejoined the list this week, I feel I have so much to do that subscribing to
this list (however interesting) has to take a back seat.
I have been promoted to Associate Professor and now have TENURE at my
university....and I don't have time to read Clayart!!!!!!!
I am envious of those of you who have the time to debate constantly and try and
put the system to rights...I am meanwhile very busy doing the job I signed a
contract to do....
I have no complaints here at school (except the budget and that is another
post)..I love my classes, I like spending time teaching students to fire
reduction, soda and wood kilns (soda and wood are new here)...They love their
Ceramic program for the most part...however our B.F.A. students have to deal
with 9 faculty Iam not the only one they need to pay attention to!
I spent Friday last week reviewing 43 students work for Sophomore Reviews, I
spent Saturday at Open House for new students and parents, and then I read my
messages and I feel I don't have time to do this!
I am too busy doing my thing here and educating my students.....
I wrote a grant to get Jerry Caplan here for a weekend of the"Reduction Stencil"
technique and this weekend Glenn Grishkoff will present 2 days of brush
workshops...(by the way both of these people are FINE and if you need info
e-mail me at the address below, not on this list!)....
I guess I re-joined with a view of reading something I don't hear every day and
the education thing is just not what I want to hear...
I have "tenure" and I am working harder as my responsibilities increase with
"promotion" I am finding less and less time to get to the studio and do my own
stuff...This comes with the increase in advisees(37), committees and all that
stuff....But you know what, until I read the education thread on this list I
really felt my fellow ceramic artists understood this academic life ....
I guess I was wrong...
p.s I was one of the first subscribers to this list when it was about 80
strong,I guess things change!
Jackie Brown, Associate Professor Internet
Frostburg State University Bitnet
Frostburg, Maryland 21532