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ok, mugs`

updated fri 24 oct 97


Mel Jacobson on tue 21 oct 97

alright, alright.....i have sat down and made a bunch of mugs.
a whole lot of mugs....
so...any one not going to nceca and wants to do a mug trade
with me......i will do it with 25 of my new mugs.

post me in private. i will pay one way, you pay the other way.

am i loosing my mind or what.?..but it seemed like a good idea
last night, and i was not drinking. (well, not much)

but it does seem kind of fun for clayarters to exchange a few pots...
get a dog, send a dog, get a gem, send a gem. get a cat, well
no g.d. cats. this just might start something interesting.....
and damn, if i only get 2 posts am i gonna feel like a dorko.

mel jacobson
14831 walker place
minnetonka, mn. 55345

p.s. does anyone have the email address of mark leach at the `mint`
in charlotte.?