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old kiln lid on top of new?

updated sat 31 aug 96


Hatton on sat 3 aug 96

I was getting ready to put my old kiln lid on top of the new one to
conserve heat, but then had some questions:
1. When I fire my old L&L to cone 5, I leave the lid propped up for
the low and medium settings and then close the lid for the high part
of the procedure. If I put the old lid on top at that point, the new
one is already very hot and the old one is cold. Is something going
to break here?

2. The reason I'm leaving the lid propped at medium is that somebody
told me to do that to get rid of pinholing. It didn't work, I got
rid of the glaze instead. By the way, when is a pinhole a bubble?
Got rid of the bubble glaze, too. So should I close the lid at the
medium setting (one hour into the firing) and put the old, cold lid
on then?
TIA Grace

Fred and Grace Hatton, Hawley, PA