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op: restore lisa's faith (was >re: nceca)

updated wed 30 apr 97


Karl David Knudson on fri 11 apr 97

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Lisa or Ginny wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> While I did not go to NCECA this year, I was seriously considering
> attending next year.

You Should.

> However, the reports that I'm hearing absolutely turn me off.

Aside from the stolen art, the reports you're refering to are admitably
biased. While Vegas is probably not for everyone, I would point out that
over 3000 people attended this year, what did they say, 1200 more than
last. Some people seem to enjoy puting change in a slot and tipping the
free cocktail server, others prefer to sit on the top of a mountain in
the desert, others find cleaning the horse barn relaxing. Different
strokes for different folks they say. We don't all like the same

The real problem that I had with Vegas as a site was the fact that there
was sooooo much else for a person to do. what this meant was that, unlike
Rochester where you had to basically stay inside to keep warm, so everyone
hung out together in the common areas, in L.V. it seemend that almost as
soon as the show was over, everyone basially vanished to other
distractions. Be those the Luxor or Zion.

> I am NOT interested in streakers, (male OR female)

another Anti-Soldner, The streak seems to be tradition dating back to the
'73 conference where Don Reitz's(?) keynote was streaked and the entire
conference ended up naked with the fired hotel manager swimming in the
pool, as I understand it. I happened to have been gestating at the time
so if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me.

> disgusted that someone's work was stolen. What a way to show the world
> the type of people potters are!

This was a tragedy. Perhaps it is time to include a bit of security for
works being displayed which are easily removed, ie glass cases.
Unfortunately, the student exhibit was rather open in that regard, Both to
the NCECA convention and others on the campus who might want to take a
gander. I suppose that people had to die in car crashes to invent things
like the seat belt and the air bag.

> Please restore my faith and tell me the NCECA isn't always like this....

NCECA hosted annually in a differnt location highlights the sights and
styles of that particular location. In this regard NCECA varies each
year. There probably wond be another conference like this one until
it's held in another town like Vegas.

Off to absorb some DHMO.
The other Karl in Eugene, where DHMO pollution is so bad it falls out of
the sky most of the year.