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oribe bleaching revisited

updated tue 31 dec 96


Dave and Pat Eitel on mon 16 dec 96

When I read the post about Shaner's Oribe bleaching after being in contact
with food, I was incredulous. I poured some vinegar into a teabowl glazed
with Oribe, and after an hour there was indeed a marked lightening of the
glaze. A bit after that I realized that the glaze I had just tested was
not Shaner Oribe, but Rob's green--a formula I have also posted to this
group. I soaked a couple of other things in vinegar overnight. I observed
that the somewhat fumed surface of the glaze is etched away by the vinegar,
but the glaze underneath seems unaffected by further soaking. Any of you
glaze techies out there care to tackle this one?


Dave Eitel
Cedar Creek Pottery
Cedarburg, WI