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updated thu 31 jul 97


Gayle Pritchard on thu 17 jul 97

I am looking for suggestions to display my pottery at arts & crafts
festivals. I need something easy to move and set up. I will be displaying
various sized pots as well as 14" wide low bowls that could possibly be hung
using a plate hanger.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Gayle (ArtMom3 @

June Perry on fri 18 jul 97

Dear Gayle:

I have an A frame type display that I had made for me and that works well. It
is fairly light weight, in parts. I also had dowels made for the sides of the
ladder part of the a frame to hold mugs, small pitchers, etc. I also use
heavy duty cardboard boxes in various sizes covered with custom made thin
birch veneered plywood tops that have been varnished and had 1/2 or 1/4
round or other decorative molding nailed around the outer edge of the
plywood. This makes if fit nice and tight over the box top and provides a
nice solid setting for the pots. If I remember, we put the molding under the
top piece so the outer edge of the molding waws flush with the outer edge of
the plywood and then put a piece of birch veneer tape around the edge. If you
do it that way you need to make sure that you measure accurately and make
your top big enough to compensage the the amount of space the molding takes
up at the bottom. I hope you can understand this. It's hard to describe it
clearly. :-(
These boxes are pretty sturdy. I have painted mine a greyish medium slate
blue color to suit my needs and compliment my glazes. It makes a nice
contrast with the natural satin varnish on the birch tops and also looks good
with all my glazes. Usually the boxes come in white and you have to buy a
pack of a specific size. The number of boxes per pack depends on the size of
the box.The larger and more expensive the box, the fewere per package. If you
decide to go with such a system you may want to ask around and you may be
able to buy a few sizes and sell some from each packet to friends who would
want the same system. My local supplier also had a few odd sizes that were
available for single purchase.
You can use latex paint them. I think that in some cases you can have them
make you up specialty colors, but I think that may bring the price up quite
a bit and it is really easy to pain them.
This system is light weight and the boxes can be used to haul the pots as
well. When not in use, the boxes fold flat for easy storage. When they get
mucked up they are inexpensive to replace. I use various sizes and shapes
depending on the work I'm selling. I have low wide ones for large platters
and bowls and some that are table height and higher for other work.
You can purchase the boxes at any place that sells bags and other
packing/shipping materials.
The other item I have that I sometime use is a three sided (two sides fold
into the center piece for storing) small table that looks like Japanese shoji
screens, but instead of rice paper, it has a white plastic in between the
wood. I use this to store my bags, tags, purse, etc. It can also be used as a
little sales area if I like. The solid wood top comes off and the base can
fold flat.
I have an 8X8 foot tent that this all goes under and I use the tent indoors
as well as outdoors. For a Christmas show this year I wound those tiny white
lights all around the tent. In fact everyone at the show used these lights
and it looked wonderful.