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oval casserole lid

updated tue 30 apr 96


Dan Taylor on sat 13 apr 96

Hello Melinda. I don't classify myself as a ceramic guru, but I'll have a
go at explaining how I make oval lids.

After the body of your oval casserole has set up enough to retain its shape,
less than leatherhard, place an oversized slab of clay over the top. Let it
firm up a little and then, with a sponge, gently work the shape down into
the casserole to form a dome, taking care not to go too quickly, and to
identify the galley area at the edge of the lid. Let it set up some more to
almost leatherhard stage before trimming the edge of the lid to fit into the
galley. My experience is to then leave it until fairly firm, not dry,
before placing a flat surface over the casserole and inverting it to remove
the lid, right side up, onto whatever you've placed over the casserole. You
can now add the knob and do any last minute trimming to the edges for a good
fit. Hope I've written this clearly enough to be followed. ;-)

Are April showers always white?

Dan Taylor
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