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painted pot

updated thu 31 jul 97


Dan Wilson on tue 8 jul 97

Our vision is often colored by our desires. In order to make art accessable
to everyone; everything must be art. Even the crafts must undergo this
transformation. When everything becomes art, it will cease to exist as
commodity. It cannot be bought and sold and therefore is freed from social
and political doctrine based in value. Craft becomes Art. Art becomes
Notart. Craft becomes Notart. In this way we are left with each other.
Nothing more. Nothing less. The avant-garde potter understands this and
prepares for the comming of the true "Kingdom of Beauty". That moment in
which the art of a culture is not a reflection; but a communion with the
beautiful. The painted pot is a symptom of this evolutionary process.

Dan Wilson Everything on this list has the potential to be art: #123.