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patrick veerkamp's gift to our empty bowls

updated thu 31 jul 97


Emily Henderson on wed 16 jul 97

I am just so excited! Peter Veerkamp at Southwestern University in
Georgetown Texas just sent us 8 BOWLS 8 GORGEOUS BOWLS for our "Empty
Bowls" Project here in Astoria. I am just so moved that he would do this
for our little dinky town in Oregon. I was so moved that I ran out to the
studio to trim 4 bowls and make 4 more. Our date is October 18 and St.
Mary's Star of the Sea Catholic Church is our host. Volunteers and help is
being provided by two Lutheran Churches, the Presbyterian Community, the
Episcopal Community, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the Roman
Catholic Community. We are expecting the Ba'Hai Community to authorize
participation at their assembly meeting and other religious communities will
be asked to particpate. All the money raised will be used to feed and
shelter hungry people. None of it will be used for sectarian or religious
purposes. All of the funds will go to charities in Clatsop County, the
northwestern most corner of Oregon. We are just a town of 10,000, but our
County covers a lot of territory...much of it prone to be cut off in winter
rains and landslides. We have a range of mountains between us and Portland
so maps are quite deceiving. But it's beautiful, it's all you imagine
Oregon to be. When you drive here on Hgy 26, you could imagine that the
trees will never end. My sister says it reminds her of Rangely Maine. Our
Coast is gorgeous and within just a couple of miles of the mountains and
trees. We even have a town forrest here... doesn't everybody? Anyway, so
much thanks to Patrick for his thoughtfullness. Emily in Astoria where the
sun is shining... I mean really, the sun IS shining.