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permanent bonding of two raku pieces

updated mon 30 jun 97


Debi Beck on fri 13 jun 97

I have two Raku fired pieces that I want to join together (glue?). Both
sections that will be attached are unglazed (I would think this would be more
promising for permanent bonding). Any recommendations of what product to use
would be greatly appreciated!

Woodland Hills, CA

Bruce Lenore on sat 14 jun 97

Hi Debbie, I have had great successs with a product called PC-7 . It
needs 24 hrs to cure but it can be molded easily, like a paste, and
carved down as it sets. Good luck. Bruce Lenore

Inge Jung on sun 15 jun 97

Hi Debi,
I always use PC-7 to join any kind of ceramic-pieces.
I do a lot of Raku-wall-pieces. Some of them are very heavy,
and PC-7 works very well.
It comes in 2 jars. You have to mix the two components together
yourself. It is very easy to do.
I believe, you can buy it in any hardware-store.
Good luck