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pit-firing questions & "empty bowls" update

updated sun 31 aug 97


Emily Henderson on sat 2 aug 97

Hi There.... I burn poop too. However, I burn it in a huge pitfire about
8-10 feet in diameter and 6 feet high. It is the top layer of a basically
wood pit. I burn primarily cedar, douglas fir (just junk wood, nothing good
of the beloved Oregon product), and use cow paddies as insulation. The
dryer and bigger, the better. I ignite my pits with newspaper. I have
never had a problem getting one going. My pits are very hot. Without
generating enough heat at the start, I doubt you will get the paddies going.
The idea is to let them burn slowly as they are good insulaters and give a
nice controlled even heat. I'd love to have dried ones. I can not use dung
that falls apart, like horse or sheep. The air caught in between the
paddies helps to give good oxygen to the fire but the paddies themselves
help to even out and insulate the whole pit. Emily, in Astoria where the
sun has been out for almost a week. I am doing the County Fair and making
pots there on a kick wheel for our Empty Bowls Project. I hae help and this
is fun. We are distributing brochures and generally meeting people.

At 09:00 AM 7/31/97 EDT, you wrote:
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>Ok, I couldn't stand it. I took a galvanized bucket, put in a layer of
>frisbee-quality cow pie, layer of seaweed, a pot, more seaweed and cow
>pie, and tried to light the sucker with a match. When that didn't work,
>I tried using a candle. That didn't work either. What is the best way
>to make cow poop burn?
>Lisa Skeen
>Living Tree Pottery & Soaps