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plans for 60cu ft fibre kiln

updated mon 30 sep 96


tony nankervis on tue 17 sep 96

Does anybody out there have plans for a reasonably large gas-fired fibre
kiln? or who can perhaps direct me to some up to date design?

I guess any size is ok - I can scale it up (or down) but basically I'm
after a kiln that will be able to fire student sculptures say 4 or 5 ft
tall. Fibre because it will minimise my recurrent costs

I have always been a stalwart supporter of brick kilns - so am not up on
the current technology, recommended materials, H&S data , construction
techniques etc wrt fibre. Any info gratefully received

Cheers - Tony

Tony Nankervis
Ceramics Dept
Visual Arts
Southern Cross University
Lismore 2480 NSW Australia