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please read: the studio potter as a designer in industry?

updated sun 30 jun 96


Dawne Fowkes on wed 5 jun 96

To all Clayarters,
I am reposting this message since I received notes from people who lost
part of the message, etc. A former classmate suggested that I should let
everyone know why I want the info and what I will be doing with it.
I am a studio potter who is in Finland, on a Fulbright Scholarship,researching
the role of the artist/craftsman as a designer in industry. To get up close
and personal with my project,I did a 9 month artist-in-residency at the
Hackman Designor Oy Ab/Arabia factory here in Helsinki. My host institution
has been the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the association has
allowed me to see curriculum differences between UIAH and the programs I
attended in the US.
The responses will help my research (regarding the questions below)
with regards to attitude of those making pots in the US.

Thanks for taking the time to read this....

Dawne Jenelle Fowkes
University of Art and Design Helsinki

On Tue, 4 Jun 1996, Dawne Fowkes wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Dear All,
> I am finally wrapping up my research and would like to hear
> from those who are interested in sharing their opinions with me on
> these questions:
> 1. Do you think that the studio potter should be designing
> ware for ceramic tableware industry ? If you think this is a good idea, I
> would like to know your reasons. Ditto for those of you who disagree.
> 2. Other than a foundations year(for those who received formal ceramic
> educations), where did "design" fit into your ceramic education?
> 3. For those of you who are educators, I would be most
> interested to hear a description of how your program is structured and
> what your personal feelings are about what is or should be emphasized. I
> caught part of the string last week in regards to this and would like to
> hear more.
> For those of you who wish to respond to me personally, please email me at
> the following address:
> I appreciate your time and responses!
> Dawne Jenelle Fowkes
> University of Art and Design Helsinki