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pollution and wood kiln bashing

updated fri 31 jan 97


Gil Stengel on thu 2 jan 97

I see that clayart discussion has come round to pollution issues
again. In the history of this list the subject of salt
kiln emissions has been disucssed at length. Some of that is
probably archived on the ceramics web.

I have had a couple of discussions on the subject of fuel fired kiln
emissions with different engineers. One ceramic engineer I know who
works for a large glass company told me that at least in industry the
emission getting the most attention right now is NOx, the various
compounds of nitrogen formed when that gas is heated in a kiln
chamber or glass tank. I have not come across any discussion of this
emission in the ceramic/art world. When looking at the total volume
of emissions from a given fuel burning kiln, some compound of
nitrogen will make up the lions share of stack emissions. Nitrogen
is present of course in our atmosphere and some is also entrained in
natural gas.

If anyone has any research or data on the subject of NOx emissions I
would appreciate them contacting me or posting what they have to
clayart. I believe that this emission is largely overlooked in our
community in pursuit of other more visible pollutants.

Gil Stengel