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pollution from wood kilns???

updated fri 31 jan 97


Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on fri 3 jan 97

I have a feeling that all this discussion about wood kilns polluting the atmosph
is a bit over the top. Maybe we should look at our internal combustion engine
which used to only have a 20% efficiency of converting fuel into energy. Where i
Ralph Nader when we really need him?
A lot of wood and coal is burned in the townships around the cities here
in South Africa, because the people just cannot afford electricity. A few wood
burning kilns in a land as large as the USA is not going to make any difference
to the environment. IMHO We have to change the major carbon based fuel
consumers before bashing a ver y small minority of wood burning potters.
People should find out where their electricity, natural gas, butane, propane and
parafin etc comes from and then be horrified at what that is doing to our world
Extraction of some of our basic raw materials leaves some major scars
on the ecology. They wanted to extract kaolin from a site at the base of Table
Mountain in Cape Town. T G that was stopped in time before they destroyed one
of our most precious sites of flora in South Africa, if not the world.
Please let us take a long hard look at our own methods before "BASHING"
the methods of others. Kind regards Ralph.