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pot display

updated thu 31 oct 96 on wed 23 oct 96

My experience has been that gallery people are doing their best, often under
trying situations of limited money & space.
What I did when I was in a fever to have my pots displayed the way I wanted
to have them displayed was to build my own pedestals. Actually a carpenter
friend built them, I painted them pale cucumber (there are 12 of them) and I
set up my pots all in a row, just the way I envisioned them & then invited
people to come to my studio. This satisfied an otherwise unquenchable urge to
have them displayed in an uncluttered way & after that I lost most of my
interest in how they were displayed in shows & galleries. And it helped save
my sanity. I also display pots that I've acquired on the walls in the
bathroom & living room and everywhere in the kitchen & on shelves here and
there so that I'm constantly in the display-business with other peoples pots
Anne Fallis-Elliott, NYC

Leslie Ihde on wed 23 oct 96

I read the note about display in your home, and I was wondering....
I was thinking of having a pottery sale in my
home before Christmas. I am just beginning to sell my work- that is, in a
bigger way. For years I've made items on request for friends and sold
some pieces at the university crafts center where I work as a counselor.
(I know many people on this list reqponded generously some months ago when
I made an inquiry in to the value of ceramic schooling- I'm currenly
seeking workshops.)
But now I want to try and make a little more money from my craft. What do
you experienced people think about a low key pottery sale from one's home.
The zoneing is fine.
Vestal, NY