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pots from bats

updated thu 31 oct 96


Dan Taylor on wed 16 oct 96

Kelly Young asked..."how do you get your ware off the bat without cracking it?"
I have a plate shaped bat and before I can get the plate off, it cracks."

Kelly, I had the same problem (I assume you are using plaster bats?) until I
started forming a slab of clay like you would a pizza know,
throwing it out on the table until it's stretched to the size you want?
Then I put this on the lid bat, trim the edge round, and rib it down well.
I add the knob after it has set up some, but not leather hard. Finally, when
the lid comes away from the bat at the leather hard stage, I do the final
trimming to size. Works well for me although I'm sure there are others who
have much simpler ways.

Give my regards to the ice worms...
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