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pots in nyc

updated fri 31 jan 97 on mon 13 jan 97

There are some pots from the 1600's that I'd go see at the Philippine Center,
556 Fifth Avenue (near 46th Street); a collection of 16th century earthenware
pots & some Ming porcelain. These came from the Spanish galleon San Diego
that sank off the Philippines in 1600 & the show is up until Feb. 28.
Mary Heilmann's dinnerware the Pat Hearn Gallery, 530 W 22nd. Thats up now &
Betty Woodman has a show that opened this past week at Max Protetch, 560
Broadway at Prince St.
The display shelves in the shop at the National Museum of the American
Indian, 1 Bowling Green have a lot of nice pots & of course the Met, 1000 5th
Ave, especially the new display shelves as you go in the main door and down
the hall to the left. There are many other pots to see but that would be a
Anne Fallis-Elliott, NYC

Margaret Arial on fri 24 jan 97

the Spanish Museum in Brooklyn has interesting luster wares. The
Metropolitan museum of art has plenty of pottery just choose your cultural
choice.Evenings we always catch the Museum of Natural History which is open
later some evenings when all else is closed. The subways have interesting
tile at some stations. Garth Clark usually has someone interesting featured.