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potters in sweden

updated fri 28 feb 97



I don't have an answer to your question, but you sparked a couple
of questions from me. I haven't seen many potters from Sweden on
this list. So I wondered:

1. Are there very many potters and/or pottery groups in Sweden?

2. Are people doing more glass work than pottery?

3. Do people commonly have computers and e-mail in their homes as
many people do here in the U.S.?

Just curious as to what countries play in the mud....

Phyllis Nelson
Baldwin City, Kansas

John L Worner on sat 22 feb 97

I just have to reply to this. I am not Swedish, but Norwegian - right next
door to them. Currently I am living in Texas, but I spend 3 months each
summer in Scandinavia.
Yes, we Scandinavians do have computers in our homes - in fact, I belive
over 50% of homes have them. We also have access to the Internet, Coompuser,
AOL etc.
There is a lot of pottery going on there. However, it is fairly new to us -
post WWII. And most of the work is done in oxidation.
As for glass, well, some artists do that too, but most of the nice stuff
is put out by Orrefors and Hadeland.
The pottery I have seen is gorgeous. Most potters sell through stores and
galleries. Their prices are high! I bought a small bowl (4" high) and paid
$40 for it. I did see a small amount of Raku - it was really pricey: A 6" tall
going for about $750. I wish we could get paid as well here. Also, the
government helps with scholarships to Art Colleges. There is a good one
in Oslo, and one in Denmark that many go to. Must be some in Sweden also.
What I think is this: they may not be aware of the Clayart list. When I
go home this summer, I will try to remedy that, and spread the word.
"den vi vil see if vi get some Skandahovians on dis list also - ja?......"

Anne Worner :-)

BALCH@HARVEY.BAKERU.EDU on sun 23 feb 97

yes, the prices seem very high, but you will have
to take the tax amount into consideration and then the gallery
marke up. Most keramik artist have a gallery in their house or
studio and really enjoy visitors. Jeg taler dansk!

The ceramic education in Scandinavia is quite different from
here. If you need more info I will be glad to help!

Inge G. Balch
Baker University/Art dept/ceramics