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potters in sweden(from lottie)

updated fri 28 feb 97


stefan Jansson on sun 23 feb 97

Phyllis and Anne,
Yes, there are lots of potters in Sweden and I=B4ve actually seen some in
Norway as well (in Roros every potter has a little store on the main
street). There are also lots of potters in Denmark.

I think there are more potters than people working with glass. Anne
mentioned Orrefors which is a large glass industry as well as Kosta Boda.
People connected to them are mostly glass designers, they don=B4t do the
craft. And their employees doing the craft, doesn=B4t do any designing.
That=B4s in general, I think. But there are glassworks scattered over the
country, most of them in the south. Many more potteries, though.

Internet is still news here, not that people don=B4t have it, they (we) do.
But up =60til recently it=B4s mostly been a university/company thing.

There=B4s hardly anything about ceramics on the net in Swedish. Therefore I
asked for Swedish potters in my first message, but I thought it didn=B4t =
it to the list. Was that the message you read Phyllis? I=B4m a bit puzzled
over the =22I don=B4t have an answer to your question=22 that you wrote, =
I can=60t remember asking any questions in the (second) message that I
thought made it to the list.(except for the rhetorical) Well, doesn=B4t
matter. I=B4m glad you wrote, I felt a bit...lost in space. Being new to =
and all.
Anne, I agree about people here not knowing about Clayart for example. The
potters I know wouldn=B4t think of the word ceramics when they sit in front
of a computer. Not yet anyway. Do you show your work in Norway? Just out of
curiosity, where in Scandinavia do you stay when you are here?

Lottie Eriksson

=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E I don't have an answer to your question, but you sparked a couple
=3Eof questions from me. I haven't seen many potters from Sweden on
=3Ethis list. So I wondered:
=3E1. Are there very many potters and/or pottery groups in Sweden?
=3E2. Are people doing more glass work than pottery?
=3E3. Do people commonly have computers and e-mail in their homes as
=3Emany people do here in the U.S.?
=3EJust curious as to what countries play in the mud....
=3EPhyllis Nelson
=3EBaldwin City, Kansas