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updated thu 31 jul 97


Marc Kiessling on tue 15 jul 97

Greetings Marshall:

Here is a list of some articles that may be of interest:

"The Studio Potter, Dec'96,Vol #25, number 1, pg 39-49".

"Ceramics Technical, Nov'96, #3" (new sister publication to
Ceramics Art and Perception). Only 3 issues old; comes out
twice a year, but great so far.

"Glazes for Special Effects" by Herbert Sanders (1974) -book

"Ceramic Review", #137, Sept-Oct 1992, pg 27-31

An article was advertised in the back of C.M. some time ago that sells
for around $12.00 U.S. The potters name is Dan Turnidge. He can be reached at
River Rock Clay Co., P.O. Box 3183, Salem, Oregon, 97302,Phone (503) 581-3606.
It is a great little paper. He seems to know his stuff. He covers the whole
firing of crystals; ie. recipes, chemicals, colourants, firing schedules, etc.
There is a list of recipes covering the temperature range from cone 6-10.

" "

Hope some of this info is useful.

Regards, Marc

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At 10:29 PM 7/11/97 EDT, you wrote:
>I am also looking for good sources of information on Macro cryatalline
>glazes... cone 8-10...both recipes AND firing schedules.... I have lots of
>work ahead of me it seems.. ...Thanks.... Marshall