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purple raku glaze

updated tue 30 apr 96


Lori Wilkinson on sun 7 apr 96

Hi All,

Some one on the list recently asked for a purple raku glaze. What I thought
I had here when I was mixing it was a copper matt untill I lifted it out
from under the reduction can. At first it was almost black but inside of 15
mins it is the deepest prettiest purple I have ever seen and I have no idea
who gave the receipe to me. They sure do deserve credit.

Copper Carb 90 grams
RIO 10 grams
Cobalt ox 5 grams
Frit 3110 15 grams

I sprayed this on JM5, a buff colored ^5 stoneware I had bisqued to ^08. I
fired it in a small old electric I sometimes use for raku to 1830. After
pulling it we went right to a pile of sand with 8" x8" piece of slick
newspaper on the botton and as we covered it we threw in another the same
size on top of the pot, covered it with the can sealing the edges, waited
about an hour untill it was cool enough to touch and got the purple surprise.

If someone uses this glaze I would really like to hear about their results.

Lori Wilkinson In Roswell NM Happy Easter Everyone.