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puzzle mugs

updated thu 31 jul 97



This list is so great! It seems as if I only have to have a question, and lo
and behold, there is the answer on Clayart. Last week I was looking at a book
about George Ohr, and a reference to "fuddle mugs" that he had made. I knew I
wanted more information on that, and here it is. Thank you all so much. Ohr,
apparently, made several varieties. If anyone makes these, and would have
information they would share, please e-mail me. I'm on my way to the library
to find the October 96 C.M., but sometimes it's hard trying for me to figure
out a three dimensional object from a two dimensional one. Thanks again.
Jeanne Melchior on sun 6 jul 97

Hi Jeanne ~

While you're at the library, look for "The Potter's Project Book" by Peter
Cosentino. One of the projects is a puzzle jug. Lots of good photos and
step-by-step instructions. Looks like fun!

Kat Neely-Jones
Otter Pottery
Salem, Oregon

Glenda Worm on mon 7 jul 97

About the puzzle mugs--I read the article in Ceramic Monthly and have
made 2 mugs so far. I am a novice and I'm sure an experienced potter
would find them easy. However, even for me they were a lot of fun, (and
a good learning tool with the hollow handle and lip). I didn't have much
of a problem with the hollow lip but the handles were a different story.
Every time I tried to attach them they would collapse or get a hole.
Took several attempts but finally made it. I plan to try them again and
if anybody knows of a good way for a slooow learner to make the hollow
handles Email me personally. I did discover that letting the handles dry
some helped prevent the collapse.
Also thanks to those who responded to my post about Saltillo tiles. Will
post results (good I hope) of my glaze attempts.