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raku & wood fired kilns

updated tue 31 dec 96


P. Jaine Jacobs on sat 21 dec 96

Talbott wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Clayarters...
> If you can recommend good sources for wood fired kiln construction
> and firing techniques for the same then please let me know... I am still
> thinking about the Chinese and the effects they achieved.. I have also
> seen some of Karen Karnes wood fired pottery and she is very famous among
> New York and other upscale collectors. And.... what kind of effects can
> you achieve in a gas kiln by using wood ash as a constituent in your glaze
> materials?.... Best..Marshall..
> PS-- up to 15 applicants/participants now..
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Marshall, full construction details, with diagrams and even a
materials list, are included in the Ruggles & Rankin article "The Rock
Creek Climbing Kiln" published in The Studio Potter Vol. 22 No. 1,
December 1993. They write about the kilns they've built at Penland
and, the one I've used, at Peters Valley - Jim Jansma's kiln. It's
superb IMHO. I could send you a copy by snail mail if you like.

I've also used ash glazes in the gas kiln. Hensley Clear is a good
one; I can't find the recipe just now (I've really got to put this
stuff on the computer), but can get it for you next time I'm at the Y
if you'd like it. It's one of the glazes that loves to be bussed by
some free copper in the kiln atmosphere. I did find notes for 2
unnamed (basic) ash glazes: (1)55% woodash; 25% ball clay; 20% neph
sy; then add 2% bentonite. (2) It's a 4-2-2 by weight ratio: 4 parts
woodash; 2 parts potash spar; 2 parts ball clay; then add colorants of

NEW TOPIC - raku: While looking for the ash glazes, I found my raku
glaze recipes. Is that request still being made? I could post some.

Jaine, still in Cresskill but using my new onramp