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raku and art

updated fri 31 may 96


Russel Fouts on sun 5 may 96

Emily, et al,

>> RAKU, RAKU <<

I keep seeing Raku written like the individual letters stand for something,
guess it means Really Artsy, 'K'not Utilitarian. ;-)

>> Happy firing Emily in COLD WET Astoria OR where I'm waiting for rainbows

Guess Oregon is one of the FEW places (try the Southern Alps of NZ sometime!)
that gets more rain than Belgium! I once had a friend here who's hobby was the
weather, kept him real busy.

We do get some nice rainbows and the same quality of light that you see in
the paintings of Rembrant and Vermeer. So there are compenstations.

Russel in Brussels where it's SUNNY!! (for the next 5 minutes).

PS to Katy Sheridan >> (Am I supposed to say something about the weather in
this spot?) <<

Only if it's Art or Craft, we don' want no Hobby weather!!

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I wonder why I wonder why;
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