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raku for bryan

updated tue 31 dec 96


Bill and Corky Savage on sat 28 dec 96

For Bryan Hannis or anyone else who is interested.

One of the best books out one Raku is "Raku Pottery", by Robert Piepenburg.
Out here on the west coast you can buy it at AARDVARK CLAY & SUPPLIES, 1400
E. Pomona St., Santa Ana, Ca. 92705--714 - 541 - 4157 -- Fax 714 - 541 -
2021. There are approximately 60 different recipes in this book along with
great information on building your own kiln. I built my kiln right outside
on my patio and it works great.

Here is a good recipe for White Crackle: 600 mg Gerstley Borate
500 mg Potash Felspar
220 mg Barium Carbonate
160 mg Silica
5 mg Tin

Have some more for you but must look for them in my studio under a mountain
of design papers. Will do later today after my initial dose of mud.

Hope this helps, write back any time,

MS. Corky Savage at
Bill and Corky Savage