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raku kilnbase cart?

updated sat 31 may 97


Eleanor D. Hendriks on sat 10 may 97

Hello Clayarters,

I am searching my Ceramic Monthlies for a picture shown in either the
Letters or Suggestions columns of a cart that a potter designed and
built to hold the soft brick base of his raku kiln in shape and make it
portable. In my memory, it is made of angle iron and had wheels.
If any of you were also intrigued by this idea and earmarked it in a
way that you can find back I'd appreciate knowing the issue or even the
year of the issue. Even better, could it be that this creation was the
idea of a Clayarter?

I'm willing to search every issue of the magazine that I have, but
being that I have to look at all the pictures and reread at least one
article from each one it could be an eternity before I find this
particular piece of information back. I'm sure, of course, that I will
find many other things to interest and inspire me, but those
casseroles sitting in my studio arn't going to decorate themselves and
Raku season is fast approaching!


Eleanor Hendriks
Elan Fine Pottery
Fergus, Ontario, Canada

Duct tape is like the Force; it has a light side and a dark side and it
holds the universe together.

Jon Lovejoy on mon 12 may 97

I have a softbrick-based portable raku kiln on wheels and it works like a
charm! Start with quality hardwood plywood, 3/4" to 1" thick. Cover with
galvanized sheetmetal. Build up brick layer on this, with the bottom layer
two bricks thick for insulation. cut corners out of angle iron and hold the
whole ball o' wax together with galvanized cable and a turnbuckle. This
whole contraption sits nicely on one of those handtrucks with the convertible
handle (so it can be upright or horizontal). I just did a workshop this
weekend with 9 firings in 11 hours, left it sitting on the handtruck the
whole time. No problems whatsoever!

Jon in California