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raku liner glaze ?

updated tue 30 apr 96 on tue 16 apr 96

This message is posted for Trudy Litto who has "The Great American Wheel
Works" of New Baltimore, NY. Trudy would like a tight interior liner glaze
for firing in a raku kiln in the ^ 05 or ^ 06 range. The purpose of this
liner is to hold water for flower vases. Color dosen't matter since the
design of the pieces is that the liner will not be seen.

I am somewhat a newbie to this whole thing and want to thank people for the
cone 6 oxidation glaze info which has been fantastic. I will post some of my
own results shortly.

Frank Helme (
upstate NY where we saw the sun yesterday l on wed 17 apr 96

Trudy--why don't you try the lamp liner sold by Axner? It's used in oil
lamps and stops the oil from leaching into the body. It really seals the
interior. I test all my oil lamps after the liner is in and none have leaked
yet. And the wonderful thing about it is that you don't glaze the interior,
just the outside. I didn't think you could make a raku oil lamp until I
heard about this liner from, guess where??--Clayart, these wonderful folks!

Lynn in L.A. (lower Alabama)