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raku matt copper rainbow glaze

updated sat 31 aug 96


Charles Williams on wed 31 jul 96

To all,

I have read an article describing a matt copper glaze that is re-fired with
a propane tourch to bring out a rainbow of colors. I am slow and I am not
sure I understand the technique. Please, if anyone will, provide me with a
simple step by step set of instructions on this technique. Please include
tourch nozzle (standard, flame spreading, etc.), angle at which tourch is
held relative to the piece, time of heating and any other information you

I have several nice RAKU glazes that this glaze would compliment well.

My favorite glaze is Del Favero Luster fired in oxidation to retain the
copper green and reduced post firing. I also have developed white crackle,
blue crackle, leaf green and black glazes. Most are variations of recipes
from other sources. I would be happy to share these. All are cone 06.

Kit DeCew on thu 1 aug 96

Would love to see those raku glazes - do you know what cone they fire to - I
use them.