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raku on wheels

updated sun 30 jun 96


William Brouillard on mon 17 jun 96

Wheels and raku

Since the topics of equipment with wheels and Raku firing were

both in the air I thought that a project that conbined both

would be a well timed post.

AT CIA we have a raku reduction cart.

It is made from 3" angle iron with a metal grid floor covered

with cement board and 2.5" of sand. The cart is on 4"caster wheels

and has a pull handle not unlike a toy wagon. (A metal toy wagon

would make a good cart for smaller work).

In addition to the cart we have a group of metal containers

ranging from full size garbage cans to smaller and shorter

metal trays. We chooze a container that is somwhat larger

than the work to be fired and press it rim down into the sand on

the cart. The can is removed and a small amount of reduction

material is placed inside of the the indentation made by the rim

of the can. A few wads of lightly crushed newsprint are placed

in the can.

The pot is taken from the hot kiln and placed on the cart. The can

with the paper is placed over the work and pressed down into the

sand. This seals the combustion gases and smoke inside the can and

eliminates most of the smoke and flame associated with raku. It also

means that you do not have to drop your work in to a deep container

several feet of flame comming out of the top. The cart can then be

moved out of the way or out of the studio


william brouillard
1011 literary road