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raku rattles

updated fri 31 may 96


Francie Pusateri on thu 23 may 96

>I have a student that fires spherical rattles up to 8 inches in
>diameter in raku.


>I would like to know if you are rakuing these all glazed or with many
>unglazed portions. If you are glazing how do you keep it from
>sticking to the shelf?
She typically glazes the entire rattle and fires it on a triangular
stilt. The wire prongs will leave slight indentations where they
were in contact with the glaze, but generally heal over nicely if
the stilt is knocked off prior to postfire reduction. Expect to go
through numberous stilts, especially if you are use larger stilts.
They are typically made of porcelean and are not very robust in the
raku environment. You could probably make more robust stilts with
some heavily grogged clay and some kanthol wire.