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raku reduction for specific effects

updated thu 31 oct 96


katie rose on fri 27 sep 96

hi clayarters,

many times i read or hear from folks about there being different methods of
raku reduction that will bring out different effects and colors in the
pieces. what i would appreciate is to hear some how-to specifics! in a
recent post someone did mention using less reduction materials for more
colors, and heavier reduction for bright copper results.

i know it is a matter of experimentation and relative to specific glazes,
but some general guidelines and specific examples would be most helpful in
getting started.


katie rose

katie rose

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Bethany Stevens on wed 9 oct 96


The best reduction effects are those that happen by chance
(as is everything). I was rakuing about 13 pieces last March
(slushy, snowy & rainy) and I thought I had prepared enough
reduction bins. Well, when the mad dash to move the pieces into
redux came, I ran out of room. There was one more barrell, but
it was filled with a half frozen mass of sopping straw & sawdust.
I threw some fresh sawdust in, placed the three pieces, more sawdust
& slammed the lid. I thought those pieces were going to be a
bust and did not even bother taking them out of the redux bins
until the next day. When I did, what a surprise, they had this
marvelous smokey smoldering deep emerald color. The normal
results with this particular glaze is a teal with some severe
copper redux effect. I haven't tried to duplicate this "technique"
yet, maybe this March.