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raku smoking for specific effects

updated thu 31 oct 96


Vince Pitelka on fri 11 oct 96

>There was one more barrell, but
>it was filled with a half frozen mass of sopping straw & sawdust.
>I threw some fresh sawdust in, placed the three pieces, more sawdust
>& slammed the lid. What a surprise, they had this
>marvelous smokey smoldering deep emerald color.

Bethany -
In this case, you discovered what I have found to be a very sound practice.
In the post-firing smoking barrels (it isn't really reduction - any
reduction which occurs in the post-firing will be surface and fugitive) the
biggest culprit altering or damaging expected results is the entry of
oxygen. If there is a layer of damp sawdust beneath the dry sawdust and/or
other combustibles, the hot wares burn through the dry sawdust, hit the damp
sawdust, and for the remainder of the time in the barrel a small amount of
steam is produced, adequate to prevent any oxygen from entering the chamber.
Works great.
- Vince

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