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raku stuff & proof reading.

updated fri 31 may 96


Powning Designs Ltd, Sussex on wed 15 may 96

Just proof read what I should have proof read before zizzing it off to
Clayart. I expect "Here, here Steve Branfman" should have read "Hear, hear,
Steve Branfman". Maybe even "Look, look, Steve Branfman." , or "Steve
Branfman speaks truth." Hate to sound illiterate.

Since you're already wasting your time reading this I'll babble on for a sec
re: Raku since that's probably what got you to have a look in the first
place. I'm curious if anybody else firing raku in electric kilns has been
getting what I call "kiln tan"? I usde to remove work from the hot kilns
bare-face and developed a ruddy visage as a result. I now wear a heat
resistant flame proof fire fighters hoodwith air-supplied face mask but I
still bare-face my glass annealers with the same result. Any guesses about
whether it's the heat or UV from the elements (1200-1450 F)?

Peter Powning
Sussex, New Brunswick