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raku turquoise glaze

updated tue 30 apr 96


John Termeulen on tue 9 apr 96

Hello fellow clayarters,

About a month ago I posted a request for assistance to resolve a
problem in getting consistent turquoise color on raku. Including in the
posting I mentioned were a number of glazes I had used and the replies
received indicated that the glazes should be o.k but the technique to obtain
the colors are also important. I will try these as soon as the weather gets
warmer ( whenever that will be!).
The general techniques suggested were:
.. After taking the pot out of the kiln let it cool until the turquoise
develops , then start the post firing reduction.
.. If the pot is not hot enough start the fire in the combustible material,
use a piece of kiln shelf that was in the kiln with the pot or lite it with
the burner.
.. The pot should be set on a brick so that the pot is not in a direct
contact with the combustible material. Any flames that might reach it might
produce licks of red.
Once I have tried it , I will let all of you know how it panned out.
I also want to thank all of you that have send me information.

John Termeulen
R.R.4 , Trenton, Ontario

John Termeulen
R.R.4, Trenton,Ontario
K8v 5P7