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updated thu 31 jul 97


Sylvia See on thu 17 jul 97

Marc: darn I'm sorry, I missed putting the Raku site in my post.
Here it is.
I rakued 53 pieces today and tested recipes from this site. Still having
trouble getting the wonderful reds I see in magazines with Marks Copper
Matt, went to 1750, and reduced for 10 mins, had too thick application to
start and thinned it right down. Used the recipe with iron oxide, used red
iron, and added the cobalt but not the manganese. I have some nice stuff,
mostly very dark, but still not getting the reds I want. Rogers black is a
great one to try, and try adding marks copper matt over it. Some of my best
pieces came from this combination. I found Marks copper matt, with the
thick application, turned out similar to dry alligator.
Learning, learning and dog tired. Just finished putting my setup away and
cleaned up for the next go round. 1:07 am and thank God for the puter.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta
The golden years have come at last, I cannot see, I cannot pee,
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No sense of smell, I look like hell. My body drooping, got trouble pooping.
The golden years have come at last, The golden years can kiss my Ass.

Wendy olivia on sun 20 jul 97

That's for your comments on Marks Copper Matte. We thinned our test batch
down and had great results!!!! We fired to @^06 maybe a little higher and
reduced heavily in sawdust and dried leaves for @30 minutes. We were able
great reds along with copper penny and even flashes of blue!