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re : greek pottery

updated mon 30 jun 97


Marcie McConville on mon 30 jun 97

Dear all,

Reading Sylvia's post, in which she gave the address for the Greek Pottery
magazine, sent me into a nostalgic spiral! I spent 3 weeks earlier this
year on an archaeological dig in Paphos, Cyprus and was unearthing sherds
of Medieval, Byzantine, Roman, Hellenistic (as well as some very late
20century) of pottery and glass. This was one of my most amazing life
experiences and was followed by a 6 day speed tour of Egypt! I am still
digesting and assimilating my experiences and feel that I will for some
time to come.

Sorry....this is completely unrelated to Sylvia's post but the word Greek
set my fingers in motion and I am always ready to share my experience
without any encouragement!!

Marcie McConville
Sydney, Australia