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updated sun 30 jun 96


Rusty Wiltjer on wed 5 jun 96

>I'd love to hear some of your unforgettable moments!
>Barb and Ray, in Chemainus

This past Memorial Day weekend, a family came into
the shop for their yearly purchases, which always include
a Kiln-God for each member. All had made choices except
the oldest daughter, she had 3 grouped together trying to decide.
I walked over to her, asked what she had done with her others.
She looked up at me and said,,,
"Well the one I bought last year,
I take to school with me when ever I have test,
I pull it out of my pocket & set it on my desk,
it brings me good luck you know,
I haven't failed a test since!"
She smiled & went back to her pondering.
That purchase was small on $$$, but big in heart,
It made my day.
While saying goodnight to my daughter that night,
she said, gee dad maybe I should take one with me,
cause finals are coming up soon. I laughed,
pointed to her books & said I'd put my money on those.

I would like to extend a welcome any of you
within a driving radius of my studio,
to a Raku/potluck Party I'm having Sunday June 30th.
Barbara & Bob Sansing will be doing a Pit-firing as well.
Post/call me for details.
Wiltjer Pottery
RR2 Box 775
Waterford,ME 04088-9421