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refiring a platter

updated thu 31 oct 96


Robert Speirs, M.D. 766 X4450 on wed 30 oct 96

My experience with refiring platters has usually been disasterous. I
have not tried it recently, but have some more information since I lost
the pieces.

Recently on Clayart someone was bemoaning having lost some plates while
doing a luster firing only to ^018. I think it was suggested that a
SUPER SLOW warmup to temp. was essential. Plates and platters are
difficult to refire because of uneven heating (they said). I know that
Raku firing plates is very hard to accomplish, as well.

I also suggest sprinkling silica sand (doll sand) on your shelf to make
sure the piece can move without sticking when it contracts/expands
during the firing. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS fire my plates and platters on
silica sand in addition to those lids I don't fire on the piece so they
will retain shape when they get soft and move during high fire.

I wish you luck.

Laura (in Oregon)