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updated wed 30 apr 97


"Elmer Craig 305 237 1260/305 237 1850 (FAX)" on wed 23 apr 97

A former student plans to be in Germany from May through June and is hoping
to locate galleries/museums where she might see contemporary German
ceramics exhibited (and, if possible make contact with potters in the
area). She will have her weekends free and will be able to travel, so
information about places/people beyond Munich will be also be helpful
(please respond to me at my E-MAIL address below because she is not

Names, addresses and entree will be appreciated.

Thank you,


Elmer Craig Prof. Emeritus, Art Dept., North
13235 NW Miami Ct. Miami Dade Community College
Miami, FL. 33168 Miami, FL. 33167
305 681 2312 (home phone) 305 237 1260 (office phone)
305 687 7525 (home fax - call first) 305 237 1850 (office fax)