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response to new studio

updated tue 31 dec 96


Andi Runt on sat 28 dec 96

One of the most useful additions to my studio is an old
refrigerator; one with a separate freezer compartment. I use it as a wet
box. I have it plugged in but not turned on, so the light comes on when
the door is opened (helps prevent 'dinged' pots when loading and unloading
leather hard ware). The smaller freezer section' keeps' pots nearly
indefinitely when wet spomges are kept in the door shelf, and I can dry
pots slowly by moving them from freezer to ref.(with no sponges) then to
metal shelves fitted with a door made of 1/2" sheet insulation. I keep a
spray bottle of a clorox/water solution in the ref. door and give all the
internal surfaces a spray every now and then, as the mould does grow
without it.
Also indispensable are my X-ray film bats(@ 4-6"in diam.) and
several 2'x2' ware boards made from 5/8" sheetrock (edges carefully
duct-taped to seal plaster in). These can be cut to fit in your ref. You
can get sheetrock (ie drywall) at any home/building center, like Lowes or
Home Depot, and if you ask to see their damaged goods, you can often find
what you need at greatly reduced prices-like $3.50 for 4'x8'. ( If you
don't have access to a truck you can take a matt knife, straight edge and a
roll of duct tape with you and cut it up into useable peices in the store
parking lot.) The thicker sheets resist warping better than the 1/2" kind.

Our local salvage warehouse here at PSU has been a great source for
shelving, tables,a desk etc. Good luck to those of you setting up studios.
Andi Runt

Lisa on sun 29 dec 96

Andi Runt wrote:
> Also indispensable are my X-ray film bats(

What are these???

Greensboro, NC