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rfp- port of san diego public art program

updated wed 31 jul 96


Tom Colson on fri 26 jul 96

Hi All-

The folks at the Tile Heritage Foundation asked me to pass this along to
all potentially interested parties. Best of luck to all those who
decide to submit a proposal!


Tom Colson or
Tiles On The Web:

July 23, 1996

To All Interested Parties:

The Port of San Diego's Public Art Program is in search of artist's
proposals for the expansion of San Diego International Airport Lindbergh
Field. A RFP outlining application procedures is available at, by request in writing to Port of San Diego, Public
Art Program, Box 488, San Diego, CA 92112 or by phone at (619)
686-6465. Art Manager is Catherine Sass.

The RFP considers all mediums, types and styles of art. Both interior
and exterior artworks are sought. Budgets vary accordingly.

Artists proposals are due October 21, 1996 at 4:00 p.m.

This is a major project and offers tremendous opportunity for artists.

Richard Burkett on sat 27 jul 96

regarding the Port of San Diego's Public Art Program: be aware that the
Port has had a very controversial stance regarding art - controversial in
that they haven't approved or liked any public art for quite awhile. While
I'd say it's likely that the Lindbergh field program will go through, the
board is also likely to approve only very non-controversial art. The most
recent thing that I've seen that they've approved as "artwork" was a a very real
sculpture of a heron. If you put in a proposal you should be aware of this to
avoid wasting your time with anything that is at all challenging to the viewer.

I won't guarantee that this can't change, but this is the recent history.
Sad, but true.