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rolling in the mud- with class

updated thu 31 jul 97


Bill Aycock on sun 13 jul 97

My favorite story (true) involving this thread has to do with escorting
(hand on arm- etc) the Grande-dame of Pots, Marguerite Wildenhain, into the
High museum in Atlanta, through a crowded courtyard full of Henry Moore
sculpture, on the occasion of the re-dedication of the musem, at which she
was the featured speaker. I was in- a blue work shirt- Khaki pants, and
(once) white boating shoes, all of which are the best at showing clay, and
the iron- copper and cobalt stains of the glaze room. Yes- I had them all.

How? , you ask (I hope)

A good friend of mine, a master potter and teacher, had been one of
Marguerites pupils, and had arranged for her to be the featured speaker at
the dedication, which was to be one of the BIG events of the Art scene in
Atlanta, that year. ( mid sixties). However, in his usual fashion, he had
scheduled two events for the same weekend. The other involved $$$ that he
needed. His coping had to do with calling me, (early on the day of the
crisis-to-be), to ask that I drive 100 miles to his place- then another 130
or so to Atlanta, to deliver Her to the museum, along with his wife and two
pre-teen kids.

I hopped in the car, without changing, since time was pressing, and took
off. I picked them up, and made the trip to Atlanta just in time.
Fortunately, my friends wife knew where to go, and, better yet, where to
park, in the reserved area at the museum. I was expecting to sit the
ceremonies out, in the car---but--

Marguerite said (not asked) "You will escort me in, of course"

Bill- full of fond memories, on Persimmon Hill.

Bill Aycock --- Persimmon Hill --- Woodville, Alabama, US
--- (in the N.E. corner of the State)
also-- W4BSG -- Grid EM64vr